Do You Qualify for Safe@Home?

Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment at home.  Strict guidelines will be used to assess each patient to see if they qualify for continued at home management of their COVID-19 infection or any other acute medical condition that might normally require hospitalization.  You must also reside in an area that has been configured to utilize the Safe@Home capabilities.  At this time, only the Lowell & Lawrence municipalities of northeastern Massachusetts are actively considering this new protocol, but if you are a physician or other medical professional, please reach out to the Safe@Home team for more information about bringing our expertise to your area.  


For those in our active care region, you should first consult with your personal physician to make them aware of your current medical condition and request Safe@Home as a possible medical option.  If they are not aware of our program, direct them to the Provider Section of this website where they can learn more about our care options.  If you qualify, your physician will refer you directly into the system and there is nothing else you are required to do.


If you don't have access to a physician, you can call our hotline number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) or use the link on the main "Home" page of this website to connect to someone who can help make a quick determination of your eligibility for this program.


What Does it Cost?

This will depend on your current medical insurance, medicare/medicaid status, but no one will be refused this service if they have COVID-19 and are qualified to receive care.  If you think you have COVID-19, it will be important to get tested and to provide this information to your doctor or the people you talk to at our call center.  Non-COVID-19 patients with other medical issues, may also qualify for this service at low or no cost, but should work with their doctor to establish this before joining the program.

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