Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact to get started if I don't have access to a doctor? How do I get started?

First, if you are seriously ill and can't breathe or have other conditions that need immediate attention, call 911. If you have a fever, cough and feel as if you are getting sicker and you don’t have a doctor engaged, register from this website and indicate you are a patient and need help.

I am healthy, but I am living with someone who is self-quarantining. What should I do to protect myself?

1. That person should separate as much as possible from other people sharing the living space, including bedroom and bathroom if possible.

​2. If the self-quarantining individual needs to come out of their room, they should wash their hands and wear a mask.

3. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces frequently.

4. The self-quarantining individual should vigilantly self-monitor for possible symptoms.

If all members of your household are following these rules, you can continue to participate in your normal activities outside of the home while someone at home is self-quarantining.

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