Helping you beat the Virus

while staying in your own home

A Home-based Emergency Medicine System

COVID/Safe@Home was organized by a voluntary group of Massachusetts physicians, firms, and healthcare professionals. The program is designed to address the challenges of managing COVID-19 patients as well as other acute medical conditions outside the traditional hospital setting during and after the Pandemic.   The risk of overwhelming some emergency care facilities remains real and the alternative of treating some patients outside of the ICU using off-the-shelf NIV options is possible.  Doing so has the corresponding benefit of helping non-COVID patients in need of monitoring and other palliative care the option to avoid the contagion risks associated with hospital environments.

COVID/Safe@Home begins with your doctor's referral into the IBM-managed call center.  You can also use our hot-line or this website to enter the triage system.  You will be asked a number of questions regarding your current health, testing status, underlying conditions and your options to contact your current physician.  If accepted into the program, community-based paramedics or EMT's will deliver direct to your home the communication tools necessary to establish remote monitoring of your vital signs and any other equipment required by your condition.  Physicians specially trained in this remote care option will talk with you directly via a provided iPad tablet computer.  Their initial assessment in conjunction with the onsite provider and the hookup of 24/7 monitoring will assure you of instant access to the care you may need without the risk of travel and outside contagion.

This comprehensive solution gives relief to those patients who would normally be too sick to stay at home.  If your breathing becomes compromised, one option is the use of a modified CPAP+BiLevel machine that provides continuous, pressurized oxygen that is non-invasive and far more cost effective than a stay in the ICU on a ventilator.  Used in combination with state-of-the-art telemedicine system, it provides both safe monitoring and connectivity with healthcare expertise from the comfort of home.

The Physician Task Force

Robert Master, MD, former CEO Commonwealth Care Alliance

Gary Gottlieb, MD, former CEO Partners Healthcare, and former CEO Partners in Health

David Margulies, MD, Chairman, Q State Biosciences, and former VP Boston Children’s Hospital

Chris Kryder, MD, Primary Care Physician, and Commissioner MA Health Policy Commission

John Loughnane, MD, former CMO Commonwealth Care Alliance

David Martin, MD, BWH Network Management and Innovation

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